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  1. A Summer Camp Full of Love – Light Up a Light Foundation - Reading Beauty “Reading Can Be This Fun” Charity Summer Camp Concluded Successfully

    “Light Up a Light Foundation - Reading Beauty”The first charity reading summer camp “Reading Can Be This Fun” officially ended on 3rd July. During the 3 days of summer camp, over 100 CHLITINA staff and children gathered in Duchang County of Jiangxi Province and became involved with charity and the Light Up a Light Foundation. This summer charity camp allowed all participants to experience “Reading Can Be This Fun”, the charm of “reading”, and the power of “reading” through the 5 forms of “act,” “read,” “draw,” “write,” and “walk.” Mr. Zhao Cheng-you, chief operating officer of CHLITINA, Miss Su Yu-shan, initiator of CHLITINA “Light Up a Light Foundation,” and Mr. Yang Qi-zhi, CHLITINA’s general manager of mainland China have participated in this summer camp.

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  2. A new era and a new journey - CHLITINA has once again acquired two industry awards at the 8th China Finance Summit.

    From 11th to 12th July, the 8th China Finance Summit, with the theme of “New Era: Great Changes and New Dynamics,” was successfully held in Beijing, where CHLITINA won the “Corporate Social Responsibility Model Award” for its diligent corporate image in shouldering responsibility, excellent comprehensive evaluation from the public, and outstanding brand influence. Mr. Zhao Cheng-you, chief operating officer of CHLITINA, was recognized as the “Most Influential Industry Personality”.

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  3. CHLITINA’s third generation, Zhao Cheng-you, creates 4,000 “beautiful” legends with 3 strategies.

    2019 "Global Views Monthly" Taiwan stocks A + corporate survey, Lifeng won the "three crowns."

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