Privacy Policy

Welcome to the official website of CHLITINA ( under the Chlitina Group and the exclusive website for investors of Chlitina Holding Limited (, which will be collectively referred to below as the CHLITINA website.

In order for you to use the various services and information on CHLITINA's website with reassurance, the privacy policy of CHLITINA's website is hereby explained to protection your rights and benefits. Please thoroughly read the following content:


Scope of Application

This privacy policy is only applicable on the CHLITINA website and is not applicable on external websites or webpage contents linked to the CHLITINA website. Please visit the specific website or webpage for announcements on the specific privacy protection policy or personal information protection.


Collection, Process, and Usage of Personal Information

In order to provide customer services, advertisement marketing, client management, after-sales services, and statistical analysis, as well as fulfil legal or contractual obligations, protect the rights and benefits of the party involved and relevant stakeholders, and operate items from the business registration or businesses stipulated by the articles of organization, CHLITINA will collect your personal information in accordance with the nature of each purpose.

  1. When browsing the CHLITINA website, the server will automatically record relevant data, including your IP address, usage time, and browser; unless you notify CHLITINA with your personal information for the aforementioned information, CHLITINA will not be able to correspond with you regarding the aforementioned information, and the aforementioned information will only be used as a reference for improving website services.
  2. If you apply for a membership on the CHLITINA website, you will need to provide information including your e-mail address (member account), password, name, mobile number, contact address, birthday, and gender, which will be used for such purposes as verification, statistics, gift redemption, and marketing. Friendly reminder: The registered e-mail address will be used as your account for your future shopping services, and you will not be able to change it once it is set.
  3. The CHLITINA website will reserve the information provided by you, including name, contact number, mobile number, and e-mail address, when you use an interactive activity function, including customer service or questionnaire, in order to clarify customer complaints, understand client needs, and provide client services, product information, event contents, etc.
  4. When shopping and participating in activities on the CHLITINA website, in order to deliver and process your purchases and return needs, the company will collect information on your purchased products or services (e.g., product name, quantity, sum), payer’s information (e.g., name, e-mail address, address, phone number), receiver’s information (e.g., name, phone number, address), payment method, etc., then provide them to couriers and freight forwarders to facilitate the delivery and return of products and services.
  5. When using or receiving treatment services from CHLITINA direct stores, the information that you use to fill in the customer consultation form, including name, DOB, communication information, or other information that can directly or indirectly identify you, will only be used for such purposes as identity confirmation, treatment provision, after-sales services, product information, activity contents, and service improvement analysis.
  6. Apart from the aforementioned, if you contact the CHLITINA website for businesses or other activities, you will be asked to provide necessary personal information in accordance with the nature of the business or activity, and CHLITINA will process and use your personal information within the scope of the specific purpose.
  7. The personal information collected by CHLITINA will only be used for the internal analysis and research of CHLITINA or processed and utilized according to the aforementioned purpose and scope of collection, in principle (including advertisement marketing, after-sales services, market analysis, purposes to provide you with customized cosmetic consultation or other enhanced services, assigning nearby experts or cooperating manufacturers to contact you through phone, SMS, MMS, e-mail, or other methods). CHLITINA will not provide your personal information to any third parties (including domestic and overseas) or use it for any purpose other than collection, unless your advanced authorization is obtained, or in order to complete necessary services and fulfil contractual obligations, as well as maintain the legal rights and benefits of other members or third parties, and to adhere to relevant regulations or the order and request of a relevant competent authority.
  8. CHLITINA will properly store, process, and utilize your personal information. You may exercise the following rights for the personal information that you provide:

    (a)  Request enquiry or reading

    (b)  Request a copy

    (c)  Request supplement or correction

    (d)  Request suspension of collecting, processing, and utilizing

    (e)  Request deletion


In order to facilitate use, the CHLITINA website may use cookies (documents and information the website server stores in the user’s computer through the user’s choice of browser) in order to provide services that are better tailored to your personal needs. You may cancel or restrict your browser’s acceptance of cookies through your browser settings, but such action may lead to some features of the CHLITINA website becoming unavailable.



The personal information described by this policy refers to relevant information that specifically designates a user and does not include information provided anonymously. In order to guarantee your privacy and security, your personal information will be protected with an appropriate encryption system, such as firewalls or passwords. CHLITINA only authorizes employees who have relevant duties to access your personal information.



CHLITINA prioritizes your personal information and privacy. In order to keep pace with the market environment and changes in the law, CHLITINA may amend and update this privacy protection policy from time to time. Please pay attention to announcements of amendments or updates to the policy.