In 1989, CHLITINA was born in Taiwan, and at the beginning of its birth, the brand rapidly occupied the female skin care market with explosive energy. After expanding the business across the strait, the Company established 4,000 chain stores all over Mainland China, and began to introduce CHLITINA products to the world to enable more beauty lovers to enjoy beauty on the left hand and health on the right hand for a joyous life.


CHLITINA is derived from the word Christina (savior), which implies the initiation of a new skin care revolution, and uses the mild and remarkably effective amino acid skin care as the brand philosophy to propagate the way of beauty to all women in the world. Resembling her founder Dr. Chen, CHLITINA also adheres to the idea and practice of “love and sharing,” and has created a legend of beauty.

Asian Skin Care Revolution

Dr. Chen Wu-gang, also known as the “father of amino acids,” is the first medical cosmetic expert to apply amino acids to the skin care field. Back in the early 90s, Dr. Chen perfectly applied amino acids to CHLITINA products, and successfully developed the E.P.O. Facial Cleanser, allowing CHLITINA products to achieve superiority over other skin care products, which began a new skin care revolution. Henceforth, CHLITINA products have become the leaders among skin care products for their significant effects in skin friendliness, skin care, and skin rejuvenation.

Remarkable Quality, Prestigious Services

After 30 years of continuously striving for excellence, CHLITINA has formed a mature skin care system of 3 major lines consisting of 22 product series. Women with different skin textures and needs are able to find the unique skin care solutions they need in the cosmetic kingdom of CHLITINA. “Prestigious services” is no longer just a slogan at CHLITINA, but also refers to how each woman will be pampered like celebrities once they walk into CHLITINA.

CHLITINA possesses the magic to realize the dreams of millions of women! Join hands with CHLITINA, and stop time at your most exquisite phase!

Brand Advantage

Leading Market Scale

The largest cosmetic chain brand in Asia, with over 4,800 franchised stores in the world.

Renowned Brand Distinction

The only company in the industry to have been recognized in the Top 20 Best Taiwan Global Brands lists for 3 consecutive years!

Comprehensive Training System

Germes Institute - the first private training institution constructed based on the approval of the Shanghai Administration Bureau for Industry and Commerce that provides comprehensive training from basic to professional knowledge, and extensively trains professional beauticians.

Professional R&D and Production

The professional research and development center works together with France and Germany laboratories in the research and development of advanced and high quality skin care products that conform to the GMP certification.