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  1. Your “Blue Friend” is supporting you! The “2+7 technology” helps fight against gravity. CHLITINA launched the Youthkeeper Serum, the newest addition to its renowned Classic Series.

    On 29 March 2021, CHLITINA presented the anti-aging feature of its newest product, the Youthkeeper Serum. The product launch event, which was attended by over 200 Taiwanese franchisees, started with a “Mannequin Challenge”.

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  2. “CHLITINA” was once again awarded as one of the “Top 20 Taiwan Global Brands” in 2019.

    With a worth of $3 billion, CHLITINA took the crown of Taiwanese cosmetic brands with the most value! It is beautifully blossoming with the connotation of “Love Bravely without Hesitation”.

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  3. Reserve Positive Energy for Your Skin, Crisis Management for Sensitive Skin and Dry Scalp.


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