Dr. Chen Wu-gang, founder of CHLITINA

Dr. Chen Wu-gang established the CHLITINA brand in 1989, and since then, the business has spread all over Taiwan and Mainland China, with franchise stores exceeding 4,600, disseminating beauty information and creating the beautiful faces of countless Asian women. Dr. Chen is passionate about R&D and creation, and he is the pioneer of initiating amino acid skin care by incorporating plant amino acids into CHLITINA products. Dr. Chen established the sizeable product research and development center during the early stage of the business, which is equipped with advanced technology and equipment, and where he also employs various experts and scholars to participate in research, allowing CHLITINA products to be continuously refined. Dr. Chen, the founder of CHLITINA, is determined and intellectual, has a great appreciation of beauty and has created a mythology of beauty. He has been shaped through his natural talents as well as the passion and diligence toward the beauty business. Under his leadership, all CHLITINA staff have forged one milestone after another through their persevering efforts. While focusing on the management of the enterprise, Dr. Chen also adheres to the enterprise philosophy of “giving back to society for what we have taken from it,” and spontaneously participates in social welfare events; he spares no effort in dedicating his power to vulnerable groups, environmental groups, medical and academic institutions, emergency aid, and arts and cultural activities, where his philanthropic deeds have been recognized and praised by all sectors of society.

By pursuing the creed of “unconditional love and dedication without expecting anything in return,” upholding the philosophy of “love and sharing,” and constantly leading each and every staff member of CHLITINA to contribute to society, Dr. Chen has become the spiritual leader of the CHLITINA brand and the entire CHLITINA family. Undoubtedly, CHLITINA will reach one peak after another under the guidance of President Chen.

Chen Bi-hua, chairwoman of CHLITINA

“There are 450,000 customers using CHLITINA’s cosmetic and skin care products every day, and who have gained the confidence and beauty that belongs only to themselves. The satisfaction of these customers is our most splendid achievement.”

Beauty is often closely related to health, and having healthy skin nowadays has become a national movement regardless of gender and age; facial appearance may be shaped naturally, but healthy and enviable skin requires delicate care. Skin is the forefront of the defensive mechanism, as well as our body’s largest organ, where a person’s health, mental state, and even personal living habits and personal traits can be seen merely from their appearance. CHLITINA applies its more than 20 years of precious experience to providing you with the most healthy and confident beauty.

The pioneering of a business is always arduous and challenging, as it is a deeply personal experience. Since its establishment in Taiwan in 1989, despite having undergone numerous entrepreneurial ups and downs, the CHLITINA brand managed to conquer all obstacles eventually and has prospered ever since. After witnessing the thriving market in Mainland China, I initiated the business expansion in 1998, and established a new business base and a major training center in Shanghai; the Company currently has more than 4,100 franchised stores in Mainland China that are growing continuously and steadily, which have trained 300,000 professional beauticians all over the country. The persistence of quality has brought numerous successes and recognition, and has made CHLITINA a highly regarded index brand in Mainland China. It has received excellent media coverage and has become a model representative of the cosmetic chain service industry.。

I am beyond grateful to my friends who have stuck with me from the beginning, and the partners who have worked hard with me since the establishment of this company for the achievements that we have right now, as it is the diligence and efforts from everyone that has opened up the extensive business territory. I continue to encourage myself and my partners: “to live is to prove yourself, whether it’s externally or internally.” Giving yourself a life that you can control, that is the value one should have for their lives, and to work diligently with like-minded partners is blissful.

I have never drifted from this belief, how about you?