On 29 March 2021, CHLITINA presented the anti-aging feature of its newest product, the Youthkeeper Serum. The product launch event, which was attended by over 200 Taiwanese franchisees, started with a “Mannequin Challenge”.

The anti-aging feature

Combining 2 main innovative technologies and 7 kinds of anti-aging peptides, CHLITINA’s breakthrough invention helps your skin to fight against gravity – in other words against sagging skin. A third-party testing agency report states that 30+ years old women can see the elasticity of their skin restored in just 6 weeks of using the Youthkeeper Serum. One important ingredient, the patented T+ nano-particle, was presented the GOLD Genius Award at the 33rd Tokyo World Genius Convention by the International Invention and Innovation Institute. Its sebum-like texture shell wraps around the repairing element, and penetrates through the skin thanks to a nanostructured lipid carrier technology, to hydrate the skin at its deepest. It is formulated with seven core peptides, including three signal peptides that stimulate collagen and hyaluronic acid production in order to plump up and firm the skin.  

The Youthkeeper Serum by CHLITINA received numerous international awards.

The Youthkeeper Serum has not only won a prestigious “Top Innovation” label at the Victoires de la beauté 2020-2021 in Paris, France, it was also selected as a finalist in the Pure Beauty Global Awards 2021. With its patented technology and constellation of peptides, the Youthkeeper Serum won the 75th ELLE Magazine China’s Beauty Star Award, which has been recognized as one of the most prestigious international social media awards.

Since its establishment more than 30 years ago, CHLITINA has been using gentle amino acid skin care as its main brand concept. The brand has built up its excellent reputation thanks to the top quality of its products. The Classic Series, its best-selling line of products, has been popular with consumers for many years for its excellent sebum film repair function. The Classic Series now includes CHLITINA’s newest star product – the Youthkeeper Serum.
“For the past 30 years, CHLITINA has focused on health and beauty, making it its core mission to provide precise skin care to consumers, as well as highly professional skin care services”, said CHLITINA Group CEO Ryan Chao. The company has helped thousands of women incorporate the concept of skin care in their pursuit of beauty and health. From the beauty market perspective, skincare products are getting more and more in demand. Essence products are the most essential element in the skincare routine, and the products including the highest concentration of active ingredients. They are also what consumers spend the most of their skincare budget on. This is why CHLITINA decided to launch a star serum that allows consumers to enjoy a salon experience even when at home.

Recommended by professionals

With its deep penetration technology and anti-aging ingredients, the Youthkeeper Serum by CHLITINA is an all-in-one product that solves many aging skin problems. At the launch of the Youthkeeper Serum, well-known Taiwanese beauty expert Sam Liu showed up as a special guest. He emphasized that the product’s ingredients will be considered by the skin as its own, which allows the skin to better absorb them for the best anti-aging effect. With this concept in mind, the unique T+ nanostructured lipid carrier within the Youthkeeper Serum formula brings ingredients to the lower levels of the dermis precisely where they are needed. And unique signal peptides and inhibitor peptides have also been included in the formula to restore the skin’s original repair ability.

CHLITINA has devoted five years of research and development not only to perfect the Classic Series, but also to launch a quality product that meets consumers’ needs. The success of this launch event for the Youthkeeper Serum not only injected new vitality into the beauty and skincare trends in the post-epidemic era, but was also a big step forward for CHLITINA.

Since the Youthkeeper Serum was first launched in China in November 2020, sales have exceeded 100,000 bottles a month, and the first production was sold out in less than 2 months! In the face of a global shortage, CHLITINA Taiwan spared no effort to procure a sufficient first batch of products for the benefit of Taiwanese consumers. You can now buy the Youthkeeper Serum in all CHLITINA beauty salons in Taiwan! And in CHLITINA direct sales stores, one free skin care treatment service using the “Blue Friend” is being offered for the purchase of 3 bottles of Youthkeeper Serum.

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