Media Coverage

  1. CHLITINA exclusively interviewed by Vietnamese TV station HTV9

    CHLITINA, renowned beauty salon chain brand in Taiwan and Asia is now in Ho Chi Minh City

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  2. Spiritual inspiration and healing from professor Bor-Cheng Han

    CHLITINA adheres to the philosophy of “Love and Sharing”, and cares not only about your skin, but also your spiritual health. We are honored to have invited “Bor-Cheng Han, professor of the School of Public Health, Taipei Medical University” to share with us his spiritual inspiration and healing from his near-death experience.

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  3. Broadcasted in 6 languages throughout 9 countries, “Women Love Bravely” is blooming on the Silk Road.

    “Ganglamedo,” the first female themed venture capital documentary produced by CHLITINA, won the “Golden Ribbon” Excellent TV Program Award hosted by the China International Television Corporation after its world premiere at the 20th Shanghai International Film Festival in 2017. The documentary has been translated into multiple languages including English, French, Spanish, Arabic, and Russian, and will be broadcasted in 9 countries including the United Kingdom, Belgium, and Japan, and is marching along the Belt and Road Initiative.

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