“Light Up a Light Foundation - Reading Beauty”
The first charity reading summer camp “Reading Can Be This Fun” officially ended on 3rd July. During the 3 days of summer camp, over 100 CHLITINA staff and children gathered in Duchang County of Jiangxi Province and became involved with charity and the Light Up a Light Foundation. This summer charity camp allowed all participants to experience “Reading Can Be This Fun”, the charm of “reading”, and the power of “reading” through the 5 forms of “act,” “read,” “draw,” “write,” and “walk.” Mr. Zhao Cheng-you, chief operating officer of CHLITINA, Miss Su Yu-shan, initiator of CHLITINA “Light Up a Light Foundation,” and Mr. Yang Qi-zhi, CHLITINA’s general manager of mainland China have participated in this summer camp.

“Light Up a Light Foundation - Reading Beauty” “Reading Can Be This Fun” Charity Summer Reading Camp Group Photo

Walk Into Charity - Reading Allows Children to See a Different World

On 1st July, the “Light Up a Light Foundation - Reading Beauty” “Reading Can Be This Fun” Summer Reading Camp officially opened at the Duchang County Sun Village Elementary School, where Miss Gu Zheng-zheng, chief of the Business Development Division of the China Youth Development Foundation, Miss Xu Zheng, representative from the Shanghai International Film Festival, and Ye Feng-chun, renowned children reading promoter from Shanghai, also attended this summer camp. On the day of the event, nearly 100 CHLITINA staff gathered at the Sun Village Elementary School, and after these outstanding CHLITINA sales representatives and staff representatives initiated the “Light Up a Light Foundation” and joined hands with Tencent Charity’s “Thousand Stores Donation” on 21st April this year, they responded spontaneously and dedicated their love and became involved with reading in order to further understand the essence of charity. The summer camp invited these outstanding figures and their children to attend the summer camp that lasted 3 days with 8 students from the Sun Village Elementary School. It is noteworthy that the children were separated from their parents, and the group of children was led by the teachers, and parents were formed into a love team to realize the dreams of the students of Sun Village Elementary School. Learning to let go can help to train the independence of children, and it is also part of the process of growing up. As the initiator of the “Light Up a Light Foundation,” as well as the producer of this summer camp, Miss Su Yu-shan said that this summer camp hopes to allow children from the urban and rural areas to join hands and experience a meaningful holiday together so that culture from both areas can be integrated with one another. The camp also hopes that each attendee is able to transmit the fire of light to other places, allowing more children to see a different world through books.

Camp Opening Speech from Miss Su Yu-shan, Initiator of the CHLITINA “Light Up a Light Foundation”

Miss Gu Zheng-zheng, chief of the Business Development Division of the China Youth Development Foundation, presented the flag on behalf of the team.

The Light Up a Light Foundation always hopes to allow more rural children to read good books, be able to read books, establish correct philosophies and values, and be impacted in their lives, all through reading. Ever since the “Light Up a Light Program” was upgraded to the “Light Up a Light Foundation” in 2019, 110 units of supporting curriculum have been accumulated, 104 book corners have been donated, 11,736 books have been purchased, 948 teachers have been trained, more than 1,450 drawing book reading classes have been conducted for subsidized schools, and nearly 63,000 students have benefited, all within just two years. What this data presents is CHLITINA’s initial resolution of honoring its charitable endeavors for the past 10 years, and in light of this, what is different this time compared to the method of sending educational staff to the rural areas before is that this summer camp allows urban parents to bring their children to rural areas, where they show solicitude toward real children, and while they learn from each other, help each other, and grow together in a relatively challenging environment, they can also cultivate the team spirit and the spirit of appreciation of the children.

Urban and Rural Children Joining Hands and Hearts

Join Hands with Rural Children to Receive the Most Beautiful Gifts

In the course of the 3-day summer camp, children were asked to record reading notes every day to cultivate good reading habits while parents were sewing “Book Cover of Love” and the formidable CHLITINA executives were holding sewing kits and displaying their soft side. When experiencing an entirely different life, and breaking through the “taking for granted” mindset, children also learnt to appreciate their parents and treasure the moment.

Parents Personally Sewing for Book Covers and Turning Them Into Gifts of Love

The day of the event happened to be the same day of the Duchang County “Reading Beauty” seed teacher training class commencement, which is also the reason why this summer camp was hosted in Duchang. Since the comprehensive implementation of the “Light Up a Light Foundation, Reading Beauty” from September last year, 10+1 elementary schools in Duchang County have been used as the trial locations for the first phase of “Light Up a Light Foundation, Reading Beauty,” and reading classes have been incorporated into the daily classes of students from hardware equipment to cultivation of seed teachers, followed by full evaluation and monitoring, where the final benefit point of Reading Beauty was returned to the students. This summer camp has provided a public expert class for the children, which has allowed the CHLITINA staff to gain a more direct understanding toward the entire cultivation process of seed teachers from the past, and also hopes that each seed teacher is able to introduce the knowledge gained to rural students after the training, and fully implement all focuses of reading in their future daily teachings.

One Session of Reading Class

In addition, under the accompaniment and encouragement of teachers and parents, children practiced and performed the contents of the drawing book as a play, and they courageously walked onto the stage, where they performed and transformed themselves in front of an audience of more than 100 people. Whether from an urban or rural area, all children sang amidst the cool air, folded dumplings, attended auctions, and climbed Nanshan, where they shared beautiful moments, and cultivated pure friendships, and these are all precious memories from this summer camp.

“From a Book to a Play” Drama Teacher Interpreting Drawing Book On Site.

Philanthropic Parents Producing “Drama Props.”

Children performing drawing book contents into a play, and courageously walking onto the stage to perform.

Everyone climbing to the peak of Nanshan under the blazing sun.

Sun Village Elementary School is affiliated with the Poyang Lake Children’s Relief Center of Jiangxi Sun Village, and most of its students are orphans taken in by the relief center, street children, children of prisoners and impoverished families, as well as left-behind children from nearby villages. During the event, philanthropic parents donated books, learning tools, and cleaned the accommodations for the students of Sun Village Elementary School, whereas the CHLITINA executives visited the impoverished families, and personally delivered alleviation resources to each needy household, as well as conducting meaningful exchanges. Wang Mo-han, a student who dropped out of Sun Village Elementary School, understands the idea of harvest and gratefulness, and joined the summer camp from the invitation of Miss Su Yu-shan, initiator of “Light Up a Light Foundation,” and once again picked up a book and read quietly…Under the blazing sun, everyone climbed to the peak of Nanshan, and overlooked the entire scenery of Poyang Lake. What the children saw was exquisite landscapes, what they gained was knowledge, and what was moving was their friendships. These are the best gifts to everyone from CHLITINA.

Realizing dreams for the children of Sun Village

Executives personally visiting impoverished families

It is noteworthy that ever since the official announcement of the charity event “One Book Affects the Entire Life of a Rural Child,” which was initiated by both the Shanghai Television Festival and the China Youth Development Foundation at the press conference of the 25th Shanghai Television Festival on 25th April, children’s reading has affected everyone, and multiple celebrities have joined our “Light Up a Light Foundation - Reading Program.” 16 celebrities, including Yao Chen, Zhang Guo-li, Cai Guo-qiang, Guang Xiao-tong, Lu Yi, and Li Nian have recommended numerous fascinating books for the children. CHLITINA spent $100K and purchased nearly 100 sets of books based on the celebrity recommendation list from the “Light Up a Light Foundation,” which were donated to the Sun Village Wannian Elementary School at the book donation ceremony during the activity held by Miss Su Yu-shan and Miss Xu Zheng, representative of the Shanghai International Film Festival, hoping that each student in Sun Village is able to read and can read good books, acquire knowledge through books, and promote the concept of reading. At the same time, Miss Su Yu-shan also handed the $20K cheque obtained from the donations of this event to the principal of Sun Village Wannian Elementary School. Love and sharing has always been part of the corporate philosophy of CHLITINA, and from this summer camp, we have achieved happiness through reading, and promoted warmth through love.

Donation of books recommended by celebrities


Ten years of charity for lighting up the future

Deeply rooted in the domestic cosmetic industry for more than 20 years, the beauty business of CHLITINA has spread to 33 provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities in the country, and even overseas markets. Not only has the company been adhering to the creation, transmission, and operation of beauty, but also marches forward on the path of fulfilling social responsibility at the same time, and continues to extend the charity business of the “Light Up a Light Program” with one step at a time. In 2018, CHLITINA joined hands with the China Youth Development Foundation and upgraded the “Light Up a Light Program” to the “Light Up a Light Foundation,” where they donated $2 million to establish a rural reading system, and the first foundation in the country that prioritizes reading education and promotes the reading movement. This allows “light” to march toward society from the support of enterprises, and joins hands with all philanthropists to touch the soul of each child aided by using the key of “reading.”

By 2019, ten years have passed since the name “Light” was used for charity, and the path of charity is not merely a whim for CHLITINA, but rather a continuous effort. From the successful experience of this summer camp, CHLITINA has acquired the support and recognition of all participants, which also led us to believe that “Light Up a Light Foundation, Reading Beauty” is the right thing to do. Charity is not just a monetary donation, but also that everyone can do what they can with a heart of kindness for the people surrounding them, just like this summer charity camp, where CHLITINA hoped to provide a different holiday for the children through reading. The children were able to realize that reading can be this fun, and fall in love with reading, so they can enjoy the pleasure of reading. Children’s lives cannot be changed by toys, but through books, they can see a different world.