2019 "Global Views Monthly" Taiwan stocks A + corporate survey, Li Feng won the "three crowns."

Brick and mortar retail businesses in China have been on the decline as a result of the advent of e-commerce. However, a particular Taiwanese chain brand established 30 years ago has opened more than 4,000 stores all over China with the slogan “Women Love Bravely,” and has become the largest chain beauty centers in China.

Amidst the gloomy outlook of China’s physical channels, CHLITINA’s revenues increased. Star products like the facial cleanser sold at the rate of 40 per hour, with at least 2 million Chinese “whitened, rich, beautiful” consumers as loyal fans, including celebrities.

Apart from being the first company within the Mainland beauty service industry to have received the “China Famous Trademark,” CHLITINA also recognized as among a Top 100 China Franchise for two consecutive years from 2017 to 2018.

This beauty center that revolutionized the “her economy” is CHLITINA. The listed company name in Taiwan is Lifeng-KY.

From the A+ enterprise survey conducted by “Global Views Monthly” in May 2019, Lifeng was named the “Triple King,” which consists of the king of industrial stocks, the king of revenue growth, and the king of profit, making it one of only three companies named as such.


Secret 1: Soaring franchisee numbers

“The increase in numbers of franchisees and the expansion of the base is the first advantage”. As of April 2019, the total number of CHLITINA stores in the world has exceeded 4,600.


Secret 2: Adjust store appearance

Every woman wanting to be beautified will be pampered with the “9-star service” when they arrive, including reception, consultation, examination, interpretation, design, guidance, care, prevention, and follow-up.


Secret 3: Focus on talent cultivation

The Germes Institute spans 6,000 square meters and trains an average of 1,000 beauticians each year, with over 300,000 beauty professionals trained in total.


What makes CHLITINA the leading brand in the industry is its economies of scale, store management, effective training systems, and integrated production and marketing systems.

The third generation, Zhao Cheng-you has further beautified the “appearance” of the original CHLITINA brand.


Source: Global Views Monthly #396 (June)